Friday, 19 November 2010


I'm so excited! I've finally started my Granny Stripe Blanket! I have had the wool (from here ) since the summer holidays and have been so tempted to make a start, but I knew once I had begun, I wouldn't get my craft fair work done. But since I have managed to finish it all, I have been able to start - hurrah!

It was really difficult choosing the colour order. I liked the Aster Blue a lot (on the left in the photo), so I started with that, then I let Emily take on the role of my Artistic Director and she has chosen the rest. So we have Aster, Aspen, Citron, Violet, Pomegranate, Saffron and Turquoise.

The pattern of course comes from the lovely Lucy at Attic 24 here , and it is simply addictive! It grows so quickly and is so easy to do - just clusters of trebles, you could almost do it with your eyes closed. Emily and I have christened it The Amazing Technicolour Dream Blanket!

My first craft fair is on Sunday and I getting a bit nervous. I've worked so hard on the things that I want to sell, that I will be really disappointed if I don't sell anything. I've made flower brooches, hair clips and snowflake tree decorations, as well as the packs of notecards and some notepads (below). Just got to wrap the pads in cellophane with a pen each and then I am done.

Wish me luck! Have a great weekend. I am off out in the fog to collect the children from their schools - one of me, two of them, different schools, 5'o'clock pickup - hmmm not sure how I can be in two places at the same time - oh well!
M x

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  1. Hi Michelle, your grnanny strip blanket is coming on a treat! it's a great pattern isn't it! I get all my blog back grounds from Leelou blogs they are free and really easy to install