Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I took the children to the cinema to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It was only supposed to be Edward and I because I thought Emily wasn't interested, but she surprised me as usual! Edward has been desperate to see the film for ages - well ever since he read the book (he wants the rest of the series for his birthday). We had to go to a cinema that I don't usually go to because that was the only place it was showing. What a serendipitous moment - who knew about Kids Club??!! I didn't. £2.50 each child and adults go free - now that's what I call a result!

It was a great film - we all really enjoyed it. Edward pretty much grinned the whole way through it. He's very keen on Greek myths so it was right up his street and Emily thought the actor who played Percy was cute!

I was persuaded to have lunch at Frankie and Benny's afterwards - Emily's favourite place. It was pretty good too. All in all we had a lovely day - it made a change to get out and do something with the children, it seems like a while since we have done something like this.

Still no crafting - I'm feeling really sad about that. I usually have a couple of days to myself during school holidays to get creative but sadly not these holidays. I'm actually getting quite desperate as I have birthdays coming up next week and I really need to make some cards.

On the decorating front, whilst the room is not finished, we are getting there. One of the long walls is completely finished and we have been able to put our big Ikea units back. I spent a lot of Monday unpacking 10 huge crates of my books. Mark is now working on the side of the room where all my craft stuff lives so I am hopeful that by the weekend I can start putting that away soon. (so is Emily as it is cluttering up her bedroom at the moment!!).

I'm really looking forward to having my "ta-dah" moment but I fear it will be a while. We still have to retrieve the rest of our possessions from my parents and Mark's mum. I think it will take a while to unpack it all - I wish I had another week off.

Have a good day.

M x

P.S Finally succumbed to rereading Twilight again - just can't help myself!!

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  1. I think decorating is a bit like giving birth, once you see the result, all the pain will have been worthwhile! Hope you can get back to the card making soon. I am trying to be disciplined about using up all my odds and ends, and hopefully taking them to church to sell.