Monday, 26 April 2010

What a lovely weekend!

Hello folks - feels like I've been away from blogland forever. We are slowly getting straight after our decorating - we still have two doors to hang and new curtains to buy, but apart from that, everything is finished. I can feel that life is getting back to normal.

I've had a very productive weekend and feel all the better for it. It started well when my neighbour brought me round this gorgeous bouquet of flowers. We gave them our old slide for their two year old (mine at nearly 15 and 11 have totally outgrown it). For me, it's lovely to see someone else getting some use out of it. The flowers are beautiful and brightened my day.

We spent a lot of the weekend unpacking boxes and washing the best crockery and glasses. I have managed to unpack a lot of my crafting bits, and the table has finally been cleared and put back into place. Emily and I spent a while on Sunday organising the CDs (alphabetical order!). We went from this.

To this! Emily was really helpful and it certainly made the job easier for me having another pair of hands.

Technology is letting me down tonight - can't get my card photos to behave! I'm going to try and load them up in a new post - see you in a minute, wish me luck!
M x

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