Thursday, 15 April 2010

Remember Me

Emily and I went to see the new Robert Pattinson film, Remember Me, last night. We really enjoyed the film and Robert was great (I'm a big fan).

I'm having a bit of a Robert Pattinson film fest at the moment as I watched Twilight yesterday as well as going to the cinema last night, and hopefully I will be able to fit in New Moon today. Got to have some little pleasures whilst my house is in turmoil, I have no heating and I can't craft!

Mark is getting on with the painting so things are moving on - just very slowly (he's back at work so it's difficult). The lack of heating is getting me down. You don't realise how nippy it gets first thing in the morning and in the evening until you have no heating. I don't feel fully able to appreciate the spring weather at the moment.

Today is a day of the children catching up on homework and revision. I'm at a bit of a loose end - I have no motivation for anything today. Might have to be a sofa day.


M x

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Hope the heating comes on soon! I have something that might cheer you up. I've posted a small gift, on my blog, for all the people who've visited me since I started blogging. It just a small gesture (don't get your hopes up too high!), but I thought of you when I posted it.
    Keep smiling!
    a-m x