Sunday, 10 January 2010

No card making today!

So much for my grand plan of having a play with my Grape and Grey papers. It's very frustrating (and entirely due to Edward procrastinating with his homework and spending the whole day doing it!!). This is the problem when I don't have a dedicated craft area - the dining room table has to double up as the homework zone as well. Unfortunately Edward is not blessed with speed, so although his homework is fantastic, it does take him ages. Too much time staring into space and getting distracted. This does not bode well for secondary school in September.

I have been downloading some new crochet patterns and have a couple of grand plans for later (much later) in the year. However I have had a little play with crocheting a star and will update you further when I have made more. One solitary little star won't make a very exciting photograph.

Well, no more snow this weekend, despite the forecast. Let's hope there is no more and school can resume for Emily and that Edward and I go back to a normal week unlike last week.

Keep safe in this weather.

M x

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