Sunday, 11 October 2009

What a busy week!

Wow - it's been a crazy week! After not being well at then end of last week, and sadly not making it to Harvest Festival, this week just hasn't let up.

Em and I went clothes shopping (for her, not for me) on Saturday, which went well although I still wasn't feeling very well. Then Em's boyfriend Will came round for the afternoon and stayed for dinner. I had to take him home at 9.15 because his parents weren't able to pick him up. Ed had a presentation about himself to prepare for his homework, which he did on Sunday, and Mum and Dad and Tracy came for dinner - phew - exhausting! Then to top it off, I didn't sleep on Sunday night, well no more than 2 hours,so I was on fine form for work on Monday!!

Work has gone really well this week - busy, but that is just how I like it. We have been making Christmas cards (bit early) and the class produced some great efforts. I am really enjoying working with the current Year 5, some lovely children, and the class teacher, Mrs H is just lovely.

Mark was away for work on Monday and Tuesday and back on Wednesday in time to go to Simon Balle Open Evening. Ed is still set on going to Richard Hale. Em was at Will's and we had to pick her up on the way home.

Thursday Ed had a football match after school (unfortunately they lost), then it was straight home to start getting Em ready for her trip to Greece on Saturday. Managed to get most of her clothes packed without falling out with her! She went off to Guides and I chilled out briefly.

Friday was all about finishing of the packing. Em saw Will until 7pm and then we finished off her case. There is always so much to organise for these trips. Next week I will be concentrating on Ed for his trip to PGL. We are supposed to write letters for him to get whilst he is away, but I have something much more creative in mind!!

On to Saturday (yesterday) - dropped Em at Stansted at 8am and then spent the rest of the day getting over a manic week. Ed had a football match in the morning, but the rest of the day consisted of chilling! I did start a little bit of card making,but nothing is finished yet. I have also had a play around to get some ideas for this year's Christmas Card. Am quite pleased with the results so far.

It is now late in the afternoon on Sunday. I have had a productive afternoon making Ed a couple of things for his trip to PGL. Am hoping to post them tomorrow when Mark has scanned them. Also finished off the four cards (2 designs) that I started yesterday. Even had time for a little hoover and tidy, although sadly not as far as the bathroom!

Well that's all for now - hopefully I will hear from Em sometime soon. Watch the blog for some photos soon.

Take care now.

M x

P.S. This week coming promises to be as crazy as the one just gone - hang onto your hats!!!!

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