Saturday, 31 October 2009


Look at our fab pumpkin that Mark carved - it's wild! Last year we decided to get more adventurous and we had a scull. This year we have gone for the spooky house. I don't think we will go back to the boring face again. I did try and persuade Mark to do a Twilight pumpkin, even showed him where to get the templates from, but I can't think why he didn't agree!

This week of half term has been too busy and too short! We have been blitzing Em's bedroom - 14 years of never throwing anything away - OMG! We now have stuff everywhere, things to Ebay, things to take to the charity shop and things to take to the tip. Not to mention all the piles of paper and old magazines that have gone in the recycling box - and we still haven't finished! This was a job for the summer holidays that never got started, and what has prompted it now is an Italian exchange student coming in just over a month.

I think I mentioned at the start of the week that I had begun my Christmas cards - sadly that is still the case and they are nowhere finished - could do with another week all to myself. So no photos of my creativity to display I am afraid.

Have been making my crocheted corsages, but haven't managed to sell anything yet. Have sold over £40 worth of cards this week which is a bonus. Have another little crocheting project on the go, but it is not ready to be revealed quite yet. Have to say I am loving using the Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply yarn - it is so soft.

I have not been feeling very relaxed this week and have been sleeping too well - I think it is because there is a lot happening and I am feeling anxious that there is too much to do.
One highlight of the week was a trip up to Milton Keynes to see The Sound of Music. It was utterly wonderful. It's a show I have always wanted to see, so when my friend told me it was coming and asked if I wanted to go with her - I couldn't say no. Em came with us and had a great time too. We came away with a singing goat which sings The Lonely Goat Herd - seeing is believing!!

As you can see from the photos, Connie Fisher was Maria which we were very pleased about. She was made for the part - she was superb. We had a meal in a nearby restaurant before the show and she was in there having a quick bite to eat too - spooky!

See ya!

M x

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