Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shaun in the City Part 2

Good afternoon.  I hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunny day (hope it lasts!).  Today I am sharing the final part of our Shaun in the City adventure.  When we went up to London a few weeks ago to look for the Shauns, little did I think that we would manage to find all 50 of them (I have the sore feet to prove it!).
Mark and I went searching on Bank Holiday Monday after a fairly hectic weekend of celebrating Edward's 16th birthday.  We didn't plan to trek all over London to find the remaining 23, but our competitive side got the better of us!  We started off at Liverpool Street, following the trail that led round the city (the Royal Exchange, Leadenhall Market, Fenchurch Street Station) until we arrived at the Tower of London.  Then it was over Tower Bridge and along the river until we ended up at London Bridge and the Shard.

Then to give our poor feet a rest, we took the tube to Paddington, to find two lost sheep that had wandered over there!  Back on the tube to St James Park to find the Royal Sheep (without the baby princess sadly).  The across the park to Green Park tube where we hopped on to Oxford Circus to find a further two around Carnaby Street.

Our final destination was Canary Wharf, where we found two more which took our total to 49.  Obviously, we were not going to admit defeat and not find the final one, and Mark had a cunning plan!
We were going back to London the following night to (hopefully) see QI being recorded and the final sheep was at Somerset House just across the river from the ITV London Studios, so we went home happy.

So Tuesday, back up to London.  Found the final sheep - yay!  Queued for QI.  Didn't get in!!  We had non-priority tickets which means that there is no guarantee.  Nevermind, apparently we will get priority tickets next time.  So we went to Covent Garden and had some delicious tapas.

We have had a lovely time and seen so much of London that we wouldn't normally have seen.  I'm hoping to make a Project Life style album from my photos.  An onwards to 70 more Shauns in Bristol in the summer!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Take care

Michelle x

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  1. Well done to the two of you! Not sure I could have handled walking around London to find those sheep! xx