Sunday, 27 November 2011

Craft Fair

Today was the culmination of all my weeks of hard work.  I had plenty of stock ready, flower brooches, hair clips, note cards, post-it-note holders, note pads, Christmas tree decorations etc.  Yesterday I decided to get a box of cards ready to sell as well (you never know), so I spent a couple of hours printing and cutting inserts as well as cutting hand made labels, and bagging the cards and envelopes in cellophane bags.

I was quite pleased with how my stall looked although I could have done with a bit more space.  Mark suggested I take my laptop and have a slide show running with all my special commissions, but unfortunately the table wasn't big enough.

Such a shame that I barely sold anything!  I am really disappointed as I have worked so hard.  I don't think it was just my stall though, because the whole hall was really quiet - there was a slow trickle of people for a couple of hours and then nothing.  I think the problem was that it wasn't advertised properly.

So now I have a lot of stock and no where to sell to sell it.  I am thinking of opening an Ebay or Etsy shop in the New Year.  Heigh ho, never mind.

It's been quite a tough week with one thing and another - Edward has been sick, Emily hasn't had a good week, work's been a pain.  The best thing that has happened was on Friday when I had a Christmas Shopping day and Mark and I went to Watford.  I did get most of my shopping done, as well as treating myself to a new pair of shoes, oh and a couple of tops too!

I hope you have all had a better week.

M x

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  1. Look at all that lovely stuff! What a pain if it doesn't sell. Sorry you haven't had a great week, hang in there, it's nearly Christmas!