Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Busy busy

I've been so busy crafting over the last week or so, but sorry, I have no photos to share with you at the moment.  I started to make some gifts to sell at the Christmas Fair at the school where I work, and I have made sets of note cards, and little note books.  I've also been crocheting some flowers for hair clips and bigger flowers for corsages.  Going great guns I have to say!  So I was a tad disappointed yesterday to be told I couldn't have a stall because of new legislation from the local authority!!!  Apparently the school have to apply and pay for a license for private sellers because they are a charity, and it's not financially viable for them.  I can see all that, and am not cross with the Parents Association, but honestly bureaucracy gone mad!!

Anyway I have found another location to have a stall, just had it confirmed tonight, so I am back on my mission to craft!  So over the weekend I will photograph the things I have made so far and share them with you.

I am obviously back at work now half term is over.  We are now in the mad half term leading up to Christmas, where the only talk is Christmas performances, Christmas panto, Christmas blah blah blah!  One high point is the Year 5 trip to the BBC next Thursday.  Last time we went we met Chris Hollins and Carol Kirkwood - exciting stuff!

Oh I forgot to tell you, that I crochet myself a hat for the winter.  If I can pluck up the courage I will get Mark to take a photo of me wearing it - we'll see.

Take care

M x

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