Sunday, 12 June 2011

More Blossom

Here are some more cards made with the Blossom kit from Craftwork Cards. The cards themselves are quite small, approximately 10cm x 10cm with a fancy edge. I wasn't sure about these edge cards to start with, but I really like them now, and the beauty is that you can have the decorative edge along the bottom or up the side.

These cards are very simple, just a thin strip of paper, a sentiment and (although you can't see it) a small amount of glitter. Actually it's more of a shimmer - I use a Sakura gel pen for this. It's one of my most used pens. Bit more subtle than glitter glue, although I do love glitter glue too!

I have just discovered a lovely new magazine called Mollie Makes. I've seen it mentioned on other blogs but had not been able to find it. Unfortunately I have missed out on Issue 1, but Issue 2 is gorgeous. I heartily recommend it. In fact, there is a really good subscription offer which is very enticing!

Hope you are having a good week. At least the weather has improved. I have had Edward's cricket whites permanently in for soaking or so it would seem, as he has had so many cricket matches in the last four days. Tomorrow he has an all day cricket tournament for the school. Why don't they make the cricket uniform a more practical colour - green for example!

M x

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