Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Final Blossom for the Week

These are the last two cards that I have made using the Blossom kit. Again, really simple, quick cards. I don't like over fussy cards and I quite like to have a lot of white space left.

I haven't had the best week at work this week - won't go into details but have felt really under valued - not a nice feeling. But hey, it's the weekend! We had a lovely family evening last night, watching Toy Story 3, such a good film, still brings a tear to my eye.

At work I was tasked at very short notice to design a Fathers Day card for 11 year olds to make - I'm talking about an hour's notice! I remembered those origami type folded shirts that everyone is making. So I had a quick hunt on YouTube, had about three attempts until I was completely happy, then set about cutting 30 square cards and numerous rectangles of paper for the children. When it came to making them, I had the children in groups, sitting around a very large table, following me doing a step by step demo, and surprising it was very successful. The cards looked great, the children were surprised that they were able to make the shirt and I was relieved that it all worked out!

I've got to make a couple of birthday cards this weekend. My daughter Emily will be sixteen on Thursday (pretty scary!), and a friend's daughter will also be sixteen on the same day. I can't believe that Emily will be that age - I really don't know where the time has gone. She's so hard to buy for at the moment, so apart from a couple of DVDs and T-shirts, I think we will be giving her a cheque for a clothes shopping spree when she feels like it.

Hope you are not too stir crazy with all this rain. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow.

M x

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  1. Lovely cards again. I think you would really like this 'Less is More' challenge blog if you haven't come across it already http://simplylessismoore.blogspot.com/
    Love the puppy pic on your sidebar, too.