Sunday, 12 June 2011


How has your Sunday been? The weather has been appalling today and we have been rather housebound. Poor Chloe doesn't like the rain, so we have to physically evict her out into the garden at regular intervals.

I have a rather poorly teenager on my hands - Emily. She went to the doctors with a raging earache on Monday and has been on antibiotics and pain killers since then, but neither of these are making any difference. So after a miserable night where she couldn't sleep at all and was crying with pain I took her to the Out of Hours Doctors' Service early Saturday morning. She is now on heavy duty antibiotics and painkillers and if there is no improvement on Monday, she may have to go on IV antibiotics!! Well, today she has done nothing but sleep, which really is the best thing for her, and I'm hoping there will be some improvement tomorrow. Earaches are miserable things aren't they, and Emily has been prone to them since she was tiny.

Well, because I have been housebound I took the opportunity to make a few cards, two of which I want to share with you. I am trying to use up kits that I have had for a while, in a desperate attempt to make more space. So the kit I am using up at the moment is called Blossom and it's from Craftwork Cards (no surprises there I guess, as you know they are my favourite company). I really like the pink and brown combination, Mark commented that the brown paper would make lovely wallpaper for a feature wall.

The cards are a large square, measuring 145mm x 145mm, they came with the kit, as did everything I used on the cards.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Take care

M x

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  1. Lovely cards, I like Craftwork Cards a lot. So sorry to hear about poor Emily, I get a lot of earaches too, so she has my deepest sympathy. There's something awful about it being inside you so you can't cuddle it or massage it or anything. Hope she gets better soon.