Friday, 17 December 2010

It's been a while

Sorry for not being around much recently. The last two weeks of school life have been pretty manic and I have barely been able to draw breath. We always pack so much in, with three Christmas performances, staff panto, Christingle, Christmas parties etc, that sometimes it's hard to put on a happy face for the children, when all you feel like doing is staying at home and curling up under the duvet.

Anyway we got through to the end and I am relieved that we have broken up today. I haven't had much time or energy for crafting, although I have been crocheting my Dream Blanket when I have been able to stay awake! Hopefully a photo will follow shortly.

I am finally feeling a bit more festive, and am looking forward to a relaxed weekend where we can put up our decorations at a leisurely pace.

Be back soon.

M x

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