Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Good Day

How are you all? Hope you are all taking care in the snow. We have been very fortunate and only had a mild dusting which has vanished after today's rain, but I know there are people who are a lot worse off.

Edward has been affected by the weather though, as he was supposed to go to Lille in France on his first school trip, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to all the snow in Kent and Northern France. He was very disappointed, but I was relieved as I have been worrying myself silly about it.

We went to see Spamalot at the theatre last night - us four, my parents and my niece. It was our Christmas present from my parents. We are real Monty Python fans (apart from my niece) and we really enjoyed it - the children were in stitches all the way through. Edward, particularly is a big fan of the Holy Grail and can recite great chunks of it! My niece, however, sat through the whole show without a smile, she never laughed and didn't even clap. She admitted at the interval that she just "didn't get it"! Her reaction was so funny.

Today has been so busy but really productive. We have finally been able to tackle Emily's room and make her new bed. We had to clear a lot of it and move most of the furniture around. Emily has been brilliant - really helpful, which is amazing as she has been suffering with Labrynthitis this week and feels dizzy a lot of the time. Her new bed is great and such an improvement on the high sleeper one that we have just taken down - just hope she sleeps better.

I had my second craft fair today, well a stall really at my school's Christmas Fair. I did so much better that the one I did two weeks ago - sold more flower brooches and snowflakes, as well as note cards and, well, more of everything really! Gave me such a boost.

Hope you have had a productive day too, if not, a restful one. I'm off to work on my Dream Blanket. Take care.

M x

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