Monday, 1 February 2010

Can't believe it's February already . . .

but I'm not sorry that January is over. It hasn't been the best start to the year - quite a depressing month really. I was really annoyed that there was a thin covering of snow on Saturday morning but luckily it didn't hang around - I'm so sick of the white stuff.

Our weekend was really busy, and not very productive in the craft department unfortunately. Mark took Edward to play football while I spent Saturday morning ironing and chivvying Emily to (a) get up, and (b) do some homework. Only succeeded with one of those LOL!

Took Emily for her radical haircut in the afternoon and then did the only bit of crafting of the whole weekend, which was finishing off a birthday card that I needed for a party that night (nothing like leaving things to the last minute!!).

The guy whose party it was is a hot air balloonist hence the balloon collage. I've used this design plenty of times with various themes - quite versatile.

The party was in Mildenhall (I might have already told you this - sorry if I'm repeating myself!), and was quite good. Not a big turnout, which made us glad that we made the effort to go. Nice to catch up with old friends. Well it must have been OK cos we didn't leave til 11.20pm.
We were all a bit pooped the next day. No one felt like doing much - just making sure that both children finished their homework. Emily went out with her friend for the afternoon - oh, I did a bit more ironing. Honestly I feel like a laundry woman - all I do is sort washing, load and unload the machine, put it on and take it off the airer etc etc - how boring!
Mum and Dad came over in the afternoon and treated us to a lovely Chinese takeaway - no one felt like cooking. We didn't stay up late after they went home - still recovering from the previous night.
Well, it was back to work today - hopefully the next two weeks will fly by and then it will be half term. Nothing planned - just intend to chill. Bit of crafting hopefully and probably running the children about. That will do nicely thank you.
Ta ta for now.
M x

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