Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Cupcakes

Well, we have finally got there. The house is clean and tidy, the presents are all wrapped, the decorations are up and some Christmas cooking has been done.

And finally . . . the snow is melting! I thought I would show you the lovely photo of our Pyracantha covered in snow, that Mark took earlier in the week. It really makes me feel Christmassy. I actually feel in the mood now, particularly as everything has come together well today.

And here are the results of my cooking labours today - Christmas Cupcakes. They are vanilla flavoured with Christmas coloured icing. Edward and I had great fun with the decorations. I am a big fan of edible glitter now, so no doubt all my cupcakes in the future will be suitably sparkly! I can feel another trip to the cake decorating shop in the New Year for further supplies!

Fingers crossed that Father Christmas looks kindly upon me and brings me a new camera tomorrow - I really hope so. Emily's camera gives such great results and is much easier to use. Edward is hopeful too, as I have promised him my old one if I get a new one.
I like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year.
Lots of love
M x

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