Sunday, 14 July 2013

Goody Boxes - Black Magic

Hi Everyone.  I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend, and are loving this weather.  I spent a blissfully cool day yesterday at my Scrapbags crop.  The village hall we use is generally pretty cold in Winter but yesterday it was wonderful and so pleasant to be crafting all day away from the heat.  As Emily's albums are finished, I had a very relaxed time making the class kit and playing around with another kit I had bought.  I am planning to make a start on a book for Edward soon - even though it's four years away!
Today I am sharing with you some cards that I made from a Craftwork Cards Goody Box, called Black Magic.  The kit consists of card blanks, paper, embellishments, ribbon, Candi, and 3D foam pads.  I had fun knocking up some quick cards to supplement my box of ready cards.

(The above card is my favourite)

Work is really busy as we "wind down" to end of term.  My class, Year 6, has been working hard on their end of year play, which is a version of Grease.  They are performing it tomorrow night.  I generally take on the role of Props Manager, and this year I have been tasked with making two cars - Greased Lightning and the Scorpians' car.  Have a look at the finished articles.

I have to say that I am pretty proud of them.  They started life as a very big cardboard box, which I cut down, then added a little bit of papier mache, paint, bubble wrap and shiny paper and ta-dah!

Well I'm signing off now as my glass of chilled cider is calling!  Thanks for dropping by.  Have fun and take care.

Michelle x

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  1. You are so clever to have come up with these amazing cars Michelle! VERY creative. Love your set of black and white cards too and they look very cool for this lovely heatwave. I'm a big fan of a tall glass of cider clinking with ice too... Enjoy planning Edward's book! Vicky x