Thursday, 15 December 2011

New WIP - it's Rippletastic!

Hello my lovely readers.  Time to share my new WIP with you.  It's a ripple blanket for Edward, the colours are completely of his choosing, although Emily helped decide the order.  I have never attempted a ripple before but it is SO easy.  I can't actually believe how simple it is.  I have used Lucy's brilliant pattern (here ) and also took inspiration from here and

The photos aren't the best quality, isn't the light appalling at this time of year?  But I think they will do.

The colours, in order of crocheting, are : meadow, teal, spring green, aster, royal, turquoise, denim, bright green, green, aspen and bottle.  Almost forgot to say that it is the usual Stylecraft Special Doubleknit.

Well, I have almost finished at work - one more day to go.  The pressure is off as all our obligations have been carried out.  Tomorrow will consist of a fun morning and a final assembly.  I have to go to Edward's school during the morning for a presentation - he is being given an award for academic achievement.  I am so proud and I may even cry!

We have managed to avoid the snow so far although we have been forecast some for tomorrow - hope it's not too bad.  I know further north it has been heavier.

Keep safe and well.

M x

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  1. This is gorgeous. I have to say, they are just the colours I would actually choose for myself! The names of the colours themselves are enough to make you want to buy them, aren't they? I am going on a one day course in january to learn how to crochet. Even by watching You Tube videos I still can't do it, so I'm hoping that by the end of the day I'll be able to do it. Even if I can just crochet little flowers for my cards I'll be happy!