Sunday, 27 March 2011

And another milestone birthday card I seem to have made quite a lot of cards for significant birthdays already this year, and it's still only March! This card is for a colleague at work and I was asked to make a large one for the whole staff to sign, so this one measures 20.3cms square. Although it's quite a big area to fill, which can be daunting at first, the size actually suits the the numbers very well, so that they are not squashed together. All the papers are by Crate Papers and the number templates and card candy are from Craftwork Cards. The flowers were made using a craft punch. I don't know if you can see, but the numbers are outlined with glitter glue, as is the background paper. I like a little bit of glitter to give the card a lift. The papers are very pretty and subtle. I've had them in my collection for ages and decided it was about time I used them. In fact, I feel like that about a lot of my craft collection. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much stuff I actually have, and I can never find what I'm looking for, or I've forgotten that I bought it in the first place! The problem is that there are four possible locations when I have stored it, so I spend more time searching than I actually do making the card - frustrating! Sometimes, I buy paper and then don't want to use it because it is too nice - what is that all about??!! Time for a change methinks. So, expect to see some more cards with the above papers. I've not put them away and am going to make lots of different cards to use them all up - watch this space!! Check out my new pretties from Craftwork Cards - newly rebranded Candi (although I don't like the "i" at the end!). They are so pretty with their little flowers and dots. They are about £2 per pack, but go a really long way. I've got quite a collection of these little circles and they are so useful. And if you don't have the right colour for your project, you can always colour white ones with Promarkers.

Yesterday I made a new type of card, for me anyway, I know loads of people have been making these cards for ages, but it was a first for me. It was a bit trial and error, but got there in the end. I can't share it with you yet because it's for next Sunday (hope you are not reading this Mum!!).

Anyway, got to go and collect my daughter from a sleepover. She went to see The Script at the O2 last night and I'm dying to hear all about it.

Hope everyone has a great week, and that we have more weather like last week.

Keep smiling! M x

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