Sunday, 13 September 2009

Hello again

It's been a while since I posted, but to be honest now that I am back at work, there is not too much going on, other than normal day to day life. No photos either!

Work has been very busy this week - the first full week back is always the hardest after a long break. I am enjoying it, but trying to have the work/home balance thing is really hard.

On the plus side, the first week of our meal planning has been quite successful. We have had hoisin pork and pancakes, chicken fajitas, spaghetti carbonara, Spanish chicken and chorizo and a crofters casserole. I even used the slow cooker. It is taking a lot of organisation and trying to keep one step ahead - but so far so good. Week 2 has been planned and shopped for (completely different meals) and hopefully it will all be good too. I am planning to have a three week rolling menu - wish me luck!

This weekend has been really busy - and has gone by really fast (too fast!). I don't feel ready to go back to work tomorrow. Lots of jobs needed doing - cleaning the bathroom, ironing, putting things up in the loft, making cards, not to mention overseeing the children's homework.

Emily has been out for most of today - cinema, bowling, pizza. Yesterday Will came round for the afternoon. Edward played his first match of the season and they lost 6-5, Mark said they were unlucky. The rest of the time Edward has been on the Wii playing with his new Ashes 2009 game - I'm so bored with the running commentary - I hate cricket!

I had my haircut this week and I am still trying to get used to it. I liked it at first, and then I didn't. I'm waiting for it to settle down. I got a great reaction from the children and my colleagues at work - I was quite embarrassed by all the attention.

I'm running a textile club at work with another colleague, for Years 5 and 6. It starts on Tuesday this week. We don't know how many children have signed up - so it may be a shock! I hope it goes well, I am a bit nervous. Will tell you more next week.


M x

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