Thursday, 3 September 2009

And that was the end of that . . . .

And so the summer holidays (and the summer!) are over and it's back to work. I actually went back yesterday for half a day, which was a complete culture shock as my brain appears to have seized up over the holidays! It was a bit of a brainstorming session about the aims of the school for the next five years - heavy man!! I wasn't too nervous going in, which was surprising and it was great to see everyone and catch up before we are properly back.

After I got back I had to take Edward to a three hour football training session, which he wasn't all that fussed about to be honest. I met a friend for coffee and cake which was lovely as we haven't seen each other properly for ages. When I got Edward home he was a bit upset and anxious about going back to school - Year 6 is such a big deal.

During the evening I started feeling really ill, I was quite worried about myself. I think it was an anxiety attack - I felt very odd inside, sort of fluttery and a bit breathless and just generally not right. Of course I couldn't sleep,and then Edward came in during the night because he couldn't sleep, what a great start to the term.

I still felt a bit off this morning, but I agreed with Mark that it was probably first day nerves. Luckily Edward and I both had really good first days back and the nerves have disappeared. I think we will both be fine.

I have been trying to decide whether or not to continue with the blog now that the summer is over. I have decided that I will, as it is nice to post pictures of the cards I make and things that we are up to. I think it will be a great thing to look back on next year - so I will carry on for the time being. It all depends on whether working life gets in the way - time will tell . . . .

See ya!

M x

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