Saturday, 29 June 2013

Emily's 18th Birthday

Hi All.  I've been meaning to post this all week, but you know how it is!
We all had a brilliant time last weekend, for Emily's birthday.  We had friends and family on Saturday for a little party, and lunch out on Sunday (her actual birthday).  Emily had a really good time.  She absolutely loved the scrapbooks, was thrilled with the tickets to see The Lion King and was delighted with the card.  I'm so pleased that her birthday was such a success.
Here are a few photos of her birthday.
Emily is not one for tradition, and had joked about a pop-up Hogwarts Castle card!  She is obsessed with Harry Potter, so I shouldn't have been surprised.  I couldn't quite achieve that, but with Mark's help, did manage a 3D Hogwarts.

Balloons within a balloon, in Emily's favourite colours (up on the table so the dogs - yes the three dogs that we had on the day - couldn't get to them!).

The birthday girl (she'll kill me if she knows I've posted photos of her - please don't tell!

The cake!  If you know the programme, The Big Bang Theory, you'll be familiar with this.  If you don't - well you have missed a treat!  We love this programme, and the cake that my very clever mummy made, represents Emily's favourite episode of Sheldon and Leonard in a ball pit.

Emily looking at one of the two scrapbooks that I have been "slaving" over.  It was really worth all the work to see her reaction.  She was really pleased with them.

And finally, the Harry Potter cupcakes that Emily made for the party - I think my favourite was Dumbledore.  If Emily had had her way, we would have all come dressed as Harry Potter characters, that or Disney characters!  She has a Peter Pan complex and never wants to grow up!

So, now we have a change to the house dynamics - three adults and one child - pretty scary.
It was my birthday yesterday and I had a fabulous day, despite having to take Year 6 all day!  I had a lovely meal out with Mark and the kids plus my parents - we went to Café Rouge.  It was a surprise arranged by Emily.  My mum made me a beautiful cake, also a surprise.
I had some gorgeous hand made cards from the card swap group that I belong to, which I will share with you soon.
Well, that's it for today.  Have a marvellous weekend - make the most of the weather.  Thanks for dropping by.
Take care.
Michelle x

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  1. It's taken me ages to catch up Michelle, I'm sorry, but what a fabulous post! You are such a lovely mum to have put so much into Emily's birthday and I loved the photo of her looking so touched by the scrapbooks. I can't get over the card you and Mark made her - just amazing! - or the cake your mum made. What a very talented family you are! Happy belated birthday to you too. So pleased you had a lovely day and enjoyed your surprises. Vicky x