Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Birthday Edward!

Back again so soon! 
As I said yesterday, the weekend was really busy, celebrating Edward's birthday.  This is the card I made for him - not a Stampin' Up product in sight!  As with most boys of his age, he is obsessed with his Xbox, hence the card.  I printed a picture of the handset on white card which I cut round.  I then printed an identical one to cut out all the buttons which I 3D mounted.  I added a touch of Glossy Accents on the coloured buttons and there we are.  He was pretty pleased with it. 
We had a family party and the weather was very good to us, totally unexpectedly!  My Mum made Edward a fantastic cake, a Hobbit Hole.  It was absolutely amazing - the detail was incredible.  Emily bought Edward a little Lego set of Frodo, Gandalf and his horse and cart to add to it. 

It was too good to cut!  I made my Mum do it as I couldn't bear to.  It was delicious too.

We had a surprise visitor too.  My friend has a new addition to her family - a 9 week old Chihuahua called Pablo.  Now, I'm not a fan of this breed but even I was smitten.  Chloe, our Lab, didn't know what to make of him, and he was pretty fearless.  She got bored of him in the end.  I think he should be renamed Dobby because of his bat-like ears, but my friend wasn't too keen!

 Well that's me for today.  I may be back tomorrow with another card - who knows! 
Take care and thanks for dropping by.
Michelle x


  1. Your card is amazing Michelle, love the innovation. Great cake too!! Marina

  2. Wow I love the card - brilliant idea.
    And double WOW for the cake - I see where you get your creative talent from Michelle.

  3. Wow, Wow Wow!!! What an amazing idea for the card for an xbox fiend! I have one of those too so I might just be CASing this for him. I'm bowled over by your mum's hobbity creation too and can understand your reluctance to cut into it. I'm with you on the Dobby front LOL...! Hope you all had a fabulous day helping Edward celebrate! Vicky x