Sunday, 2 January 2011

Starting as I mean to go on . . .

I hope everyone had a lovely start to the new year. Ours was very quiet as Emily went to a party on New Year's Eve and one of us had to be her chauffeur - the joys of having a teenager!

Yesterday was spent with my parents planning Mark's 50th birthday soiree which is on Saturday (actual birthday on Friday) - just an intimate little gathering at our house, of family and very close friends. (Note to self - must make birthday card!!!).

I wanted to share with you the Christmas card I made for my parents The paper is by Craftwork Cards (as is the design actually). I like the funky, contemporary colours. Expect to see more of this soon as I plan on making my Christmas cards for this year very soon. I know it sounds mad, but it really took the pressure off in November and December.

I did a little baking recently and made some chocolate whoopie pies - wow they were such a success, particularly with Edward, that I know I will be making them often. I have decided to do much more baking this year so that the children have some homemade goodies in their lunchboxes instead of shop bought.
Well that's all for now. Off to try and get child number one out of her pit (it's only 12.40pm!). Hope you like the new look of my blog, may tweak it a little bit yet.
M x


  1. Those cakes look yummy!!!! did you get the Marshmellow fluff in this country??? I've only ever seen it in the States!

  2. They look delicious, I had never though of using the Marshmallow fluff, it's quite hard to get hold of, though your local cake decorating shop should be able to tell where you can buy it. We like the raspberry flavour and tried it on cupcakes, lush!